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Select the best projects and maximise the benefits

Hadrone PPM is a program for project portfolio management.

Hadrone PPM allows for determining the priority and for the selection of the best set of projects, and for the efficient supervision of the projects’ execution as well as achieving the assumed profits.

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Select the best projects.

Compare the projects and invest in the best ones

Does the analysis of investments take too much of your and your employees time while not guaranteeing making the best choice?

Hadrone PPM will allow you for an optimal investment management by ordering the projects and suggesting the most profitable options. Select the best projects by using the quick analysis of the available data, such as the budget, the workload and the interdependence of projects, and, in particular, their compliance with the organisation's strategy. The success of your firm will not depend of random decisions! With Hadrone PPM you will be executing only profitable investments.

Maximise the benefits.

Control deadlines and expenditures. Ensure results.

Are you overly frequently surprised by the increased expenditures and delays in the execution of projects?

Hadrone PPM is a program which makes work at any stage of their execution more efficient. This solution will enable you to complete projects within the deadline, not to exceed the budget and, most importantly, to profit from them. By having access to current data you will learn what is actually happening in your projects, you will make decisions on time, predict threats and you will not allow for a crisis to occur. As a result, the investments will be executed in compliance with the assumed budget, time schedule and using the optimal staff. And, ultimately, they will deliver the desired effects.

Start now and remain flexible.

Quick implementation and retaining the organisation’s flexibility.

Are you tired of listening to long presentations and analysing indecipherable spreadsheets, but you are worried that the implementation of a PPM system will take months and will be very expensive?

With Hadrone PPM you will start managing investments efficiently after as little as 5 days. You will select the features you need from among the available ones and you will employ the best practices in project portfolio management. Do not let your development be limited by unnecessary procedures. Act quickly and efficiently execute investments—time is money, after all.

Why Hadrone PPM?

A comprehensive approach to project portfolio management

The Management Board

Do you spend much resources on projects but you are not sure whether you make profit on them?

Or maybe you have had some investments which failed? Are you pondering whether the executed projects are compliant with your company’s strategy? And whether the time of your employees is used efficiently?
Those problems are a concern of every company manager. There is a solution for that. Hadrone PPM is not only for following the numbers. It is a solution, which will allow you to select the best projects and immediately react to threats which occur during their execution. Hadrone PPM will allow you to foresee the risk of failure, exceeding the budget or not meeting the deadline before it is too late, and also you will learn which competences are not present in your team. You will be able to control projects and their effects on a current basis. You will maximise the benefits of your investments.

Finances and controlling

Are you planning an investment budget?

Do you need to include both the completed projects as well as planned ones and have some reserve funds for unforeseen investments? Would you like to be able to quickly see which of suggested investments will be most profitable and could be executed within particular financial limitations? Do you need a tool to efficiently control the progress, costs and effects of projects?
We have a solution for you, which will make your work easier. Hadrone PPM will allow you to make the right decisions which are beneficial for your company. With it you will be able to prepare various versions of an investment budget based on the executed and planned projects. You will be able to follow the planned, executed and forecast expenditures and profits on a current basis. You will know what you can afford and what you need to give up on in advance, which will save you the surprises during the execution of projects. In short, you will have all investments under control at all times.


Are you selecting and executing the most valuable investments?

What is the status of all projects in your organisation? How much did you spend and how much do you need to spend? Which competences are missing in the execution of your project? What cannot be done on time and how will it influence other projects? And the most important question—what effects do you expect after the investment is completed?
Does the retrieval of answers to those questions take too much time and you are never sure whether you have checked everything?
The Management Board expects reliable information about investments which are under way. With Hadrone PPM the preparation of several scenarios for the project portfolio will not require weeks of in-depth analyses. Hadrone PPM will allow you to select the most valuable set of projects. You will also be able to efficiently monitor their execution. You will not be taken by surprise, ever! You will know in advance whether individual projects could exceed the budget and the deadline and whether the organisation will achieve its goals.

Product development

How to select the most valuable projects, when there are so many ideas, while the resources are limited?

How much money and employee competences do you need next year to execute the goals you set? How will you ensure that projects are completed on time? How will you guarantee that you will not exceed the budget? And, most importantly, how can you be sure that projects will bring the effects you expect?With Hadrone PPM you will make a quick analysis and select the best set of projects, including both new projects as well as those, which have already started. Based on that you will create your budget and determine the requirements with regard to employees’ engagement. Subsequently, you will be able to follow deadlines, expenditures and competences, as well as financial and non-financial results on a current basis. With Hadrone PPM you have full control and can react quickly. This will allow you to achieve your business goals!


Is the annual budget planning a genuine struggle?

Do you need to obtain financial resources for individual business departments for the execution of IT projects?
Are you aware of the fact that your organisation cannot execute all proposed projects and, therefore, you are thinking how to select the most important ones?
Or maybe you would like to clearly determine which projects and effects are your responsibility, and which should be the responsibility of other business areas?
We have a solution for you. Hadrone PPM will help you optimise the budget and competences required for the execution of IT investments, to plan the manner in which the projects will be executed, and to link your projects with business projects. Hadrone PPM will also facilitate the determination of the sponsor for those projects. During the execution of projects it will provide you with efficient tools for following the progress and effects, not only in the case of projects executed in the waterfall model, but also the agile ones.

Hadrone PPM features

Benefits for the entire organisation.

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Budget and competences


Project portfolio