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Adjust the scope of IT services and their costs to the needs of your business.

Hadrone SPM is a program for managing the catalogue and costs of IT services.

Hadrone SPM allows for a simple analysis and informed optimisation of IT expenditures and, as a result, it supports the process of continued adjustment of the scope and costs of IT services to actual business needs, possibilities and limitations.

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Prepare a service-based IT budget

Plan IT costs based on the demand for services.

Are you thinking how to justify the structure and the amount of the IT budget?

How could IT expenditures be connected with services which you are providing to the business? How to identify the possible options to minimise costs and to assess the influence of cost reduction on services provided? Will employing outsourcing or cloud computing solutions certainly cause the reduction of costs in your IT environment?

Plan your IT budget with Hadrone SPM! This will ensure that you are never surprised by questions about the reasonableness of IT expenditures and you will always have a substantive justification close at hand. You will also be able to convey it in a graphic form which is coherent and easy to analyse.

Allocate costs of IT services

Allocate IT costs in compliance with their scope and the manner in which they are used by the business.

Have you come across the opinion of business managers saying that IT services are for free?

Does it sometimes happen that IT costs are incoherent and it is unclear what their source is? Would you like to be able to show business departments what they are using and what expenditures does that entail in a way which would be understandable for them? Or maybe the organisation wants to monitor the actual profitability of the business and to consider costs generated within the IT area?

Thanks to Hadrone SPM you will be able to allocate IT costs to business units based on the scope and the manner in which IT services are used. You will justify the division of IT costs in a manner which will be understandable not only for IT specialists.

Measure only what is important

Maintain the balance between the detailed planning and reporting, and costs and benefits of obtaining that information.

Have you ever tried to calculate expenditures on IT based on the cost of each element of the infrastructure and application?

Did the IT environment change before you have completed preliminary calculations and you needed to start again from scratch? Can that be done more quickly and can it offer valuable information for managing an IT organisation?

Yes! With Hadrone SPM you will quickly and easily pair IT costs with provided services. Additionally, you will automate the reporting of executed costs. As a result, you will have valuable and current information about the costs of IT services which can be accessed with a minimal workload.

Why Hadrone SPM?

Benefits for the whole organisation

The Management Board

What is the actual profitability of individual business areas?

Do you spend too much on IT considering the specifics and the scale of your business operations? Are shared IT costs rationally allocated to business areas? Are all IT costs substantively justified?

With Hadrone SPM the effects of IT work and IT expenditures will become easier for you to understand. Everything will be shown clearly in a graphic form without the never-ending and illegible tables. By understanding the validity of individual IT costs you will be able to more easily decide whether to cut down on some of the costs or to increase the budget for other solutions. Your communication with the IT department will be easier and more effective, and you will be certain that you do not spend too much.

Finances & controlling

Do you think that you do have to know computer science in order to understand IT costs?

Do you find it difficult to talk to the IT department, because you do not understand their lingo and you cannot assess whether expenditures on IT are justified in terms of the business?

You do not have to be a specialist to efficiently supervise IT costs! Thanks to the tool, Hadrone SPM, you will understand what IT does for individual business units, how much does it cost, where do those costs come from and you will be able to identify the potential for optimisation. You will bring thriftiness to your firm and rationality in utilising IT in accordance with the principle: the more you order, the more you pay. Business managers will start to understand what is the actual cost of their demands in terms of IT and you will see the actual profitability of their business.

Business units

Are you wondering how much do actually IT services which you use cost?

What is the source of those costs and where savings can be made? How will the development of your business influence the increase in IT costs? How much resources should you allocate to IT next year? How to select what will be actually used by your team, without the need to go into technical details?

With Hadrone SPM you will quickly learn what your employees are using and how much does it costs. This will not be a complicated technical diagram—this will be a graphic presentation of the scope and costs of services. You will be able to follow the planned and executed IT costs, which have been attributed to your business area, on a current basis. As a result, your cooperation with the IT department will become much more pleasant and effective than before!

IT Director

Is the justification of the IT budget a difficult task?

Do business managers with whom you cooperate fail to understand what IT does for them and why it costs as much? Do you lack arguments which would be clear for the business and which would prove the validity of incurred costs and the manner in which they are distributed among business units?

With Hadrone SPM you will easily plan the IT budget by basing on services which you provide for business units. You will have no problems in pairing costs to services—both those visible for the business and support services, for which your employees and external suppliers are responsible. You will clearly and coherently divide IT costs between individual business areas in compliance with the scope and the manner in which they utilise IT services.

You will finally have a tool which will allow you to show that IT services are not for free. You will justify the IT budget and show which costs are actually yours, and which fall under the responsibility of the business.

Hadrone SPM features

A comprehensive approach to the management of the catalogue and costs of IT services.

Service catalogue
Managing the service catalogue

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