Hadrone implementation at ISS Facility Services

added: 20 grudnia 2014


The ISS Group was established in 1901 in Copenhagen and became the world leader on the Facility Services market by offering services involving catering, cleaning, integrated services, support services, technical maintenance and security. The strategy of ISS is the execution of integrated services and continued development, as well as the maintenance of the service excellence programme for individual services. Currently, the ISS Group is the 4th largest employer in the world and it services over 200,000 clients.


Hadrone implementation at ISS Facility Services

maciej-wasekMaciej Wąsek

A Member of the Management Board and a Finance Manager at ISS Facility Services sp. z o.o.

Considering the scale of our operations, IT is not a particularly large area, however it is very sensitive in terms of business—the continuity of our key business processes depends on IT solutions functioning properly. The implementation of Hadrone allowed us to describe and follow the dependence of business areas on IT support and to precisely allocate costs of IT systems and infrastructure to our services and clients. We are currently using Hadrone to model our internal services in the remaining back-office areas in order to obtain precise and full information about the current profitability of our services and clients. This is immensely important information which is useful for company management nowadays, when the efficiency of all areas operations is of key importance, both in the case of core-business ones as well as supporting ones.

The implementation of Hadrone at ISS is an example of using the method of modelling the services catalogue and costs also outside the IT area, within the remaining units the nature of which is the provision of services. Organisation management based on internal services provided by individual business units is becoming a more and more common business practice and it frequently goes beyond the area of IT services.
Remigiusz Orzechowski, The President of the Management Board at Hadrone sp. z o.o.