About us


The mission of Hadrone™ is the development and the provision of software supporting investment and service management, which allows our clients for an effective and efficient use of their financial resources and competences of their workers for the execution of their business objectives.

Our values

  • To implement comprehensive processes, methods and management techniques in the easiest and the most intuitive way— you do not have to be an expert to use our solution.
  • To build methodologies and best market practices, as well as our project and implementation experiences in the software— you will radically reduce the implementation time and costs.
  • To allow for the flexible adjustment of features to the current needs and the size of the organisation— you can implement the solutions gradually and adjust them to the specifics and the scale of your operations.
  • To combine the functionality of the software with an efficient and effective implementation method— you will increase the probability of a successful implementation.

Our team

The business part of our development team comprises people who have knowledge and experience in the scope of:
  • methodologies and best market practices for project portfolio management and service management, confirmed with relevant certificates and degrees,
  • being managers in business areas and IT in different size organisations,
  • designing and implementing project portfolio management processes and IT services management, as well as tools supporting those processes.
The technical segment of the development team is composed of people who have knowledge and experience in the scope of:
  • programming project management with the use of waterfall and agile methodologies,
  • designing and documenting the architecture of extensive IT systems delivered in the on-premises and SaaS model.

Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach działania 8.1 Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka.

Tytuł projektu: Zarządzanie portfelem inwestycji w małych i średnich przedsiębiorstwach.

Nr wniosku: WND-POIG.08.01.00-14-254/13-00.

Nazwa beneficjenta: Hadrone Sp. z o. o.